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Who we are

Our purpose:


“Bring people together to allow everyone to feel supported and become autonomous”


The French Federation of Diabetics is the main patient organization and key representative of people with diabetes in France. Led by patients and serving patients, the organization was created in 1938 by Maurice Paz, himself a diabetic, is an officially-registered charity since 1976 and is formally recognized by the Ministry of Health as a patient representative since 2007. Mainly financed by individual donors and legacies, the French Federation of Diabetics it completely independent from any public institution, scientific body or private corporation.

This independence has allowed the Federation to be a credible and legitimate partner for all key stakeholders involved the management of diabetes in France.


Our missions


The Federation operates in 3 main fields:

>> Information, support and prevention: helping people with diabetes, their families and friends to better cope with their disease, and alerting all people at risk of developing diabetes. The Federation has developed numerous on- and offline information materials, a peer-led support program, with fully trained volunteers as well as dedicated prevention campaigns.

>> Individual defence and patient advocacy: fighting to recognize the individual and collective rights of diabetic patients. Through it Legal and Social Services, the Federation aims to have patients recognised as full-rights citizens, actively fights discriminations they can be subjected to, and advocates for the best possible care.

>> Research and innovation: Funding academic research to help find a cure for diabetes, and directly contributing to innovation by running sociological studies on the needs and expectations of people with diabetes. In 2015, the Federation launched its own “living lab” to help innovators design solutions with a real focus on the quality of life of the patients.


The Federation in numbers


  • • 91 local organizations federated in France and overseas,
  • • 1 500 permanent volunteers,
  • • 19 employees at the national Headquarters,
  • • 23 000 individual donors.
  • • On a yearly basis :
    • 1000 persons are included in our peer-support programs,
    • We organize 600 awareness-raising events and 300 conferences,
    • We attract 2 000 000 unique visitors per year on our website

The Federation aims to represent the 4 million people living with diabetes in France.


Our values


Every day, 6 core values energize the Federation at all levels, and ​​contribute to the success of our social missions:


Our attitude is combative! Everything that is built for us must be built with us.

We want to bring humanism back at the heart of the patient-doctor relationship, help people with diabetes to be considered as a whole human being, and not a disease to be treated.

Sharing, solidarity, mutual aid, all in a permanent dialogue with all of you and through our territorial network.

We promote inspiration and creativity in all of our actions.

Nothing can alter our freedom of speech and action in a climate of ethics and transparency.

Whether in information, support or services, we want to guarantee a quality experience for each patient.


How to contact us ?


If you need more informations about our Fédération, please send a mail to Marlène Rouchès


How to find other associations fighting against diabetes around the world ?


Visit the International Diabetes Fédération website and find all members around the world.

Our Fédération is a founding member of the IDF since 1952.




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